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New patient assessment (45 minutes £45) - A comprehensive initial assessment of the foot and ankle. The podiatrist will listen to pulses located in your feet and test your ability to sense vibration and light touch (this will be updated annually and the results discussed with you). Your medical history will be taken and all medications noted including both prescribed medications and over-the-counter medications. All medications have side effects and sometimes these produce symptoms. It is, therefore, important that your podiatrist take this into account when providing their working diagnosis of your presenting pathology. Full assessment of the skin and nails along with the joint ranges of motion of the foot and ankle provide your podiatrist with the information necessary to complete your bespoke treatment plan. Photos may also be taken of your skin and nails to allow your podiatrist to monitor the progress of a chosen treatment.

Existing patient assessment (30 minutes £30) - This appointment is a continuation of your bespoke treatment plan discussed during your new patient assessment. Treatment may include nail cutting, corn and/or callus management, verruca treatment, fungal skin/nail treatment, diabetic foot assessment, LCN nail treatment or soft tissue rehabilitation.

LCN Reconstruction (1hr £60 for 1 nail £10 additional nail(s) and £120 all nails) - Specifically designed for toenails, the Wilde-Pedique Silver Plus range is a UV gel that adapts to the movement of the toe. Effective treatment for correcting nail ridges and deformations, hiding discolourations, and rebuilding nails where there has been damage. The LCN range is extensive and offers a cosmetic solution to suit everyone.

Diabetic Foot Assessment (15 minutes £15 can be booked as a stand-alone treatment or as an add-on to routine treatment) - The diabetic foot assessment can be booked as an add-on to a routine podiatry treatment or a stand-alone appointment. The assessment is designed to risk assess your current foot health and identify early signs of peripheral neuropathy (loss of sensation in the feet). Peripheral neuropathy can be caused by multiple factors, however, diabetic patients are at greater risk of it affecting their ability to notice injuries or wounds. Stability and mobility are also impacted by the gradual development of peripheral neuropathy. In addition to the loss of sensation in the feet, your podiatrist will also be looking for signs of motor and autonomic neuropathy and provide you with the appropriate management plan.

Soft Tissue Rehab Session 1 (45 minutes £60 and includes any equipment required to complete program) - During this initial rehab session, you will be introduced to PhysiApp, an online rehabilitation program. Your podiatrist will provide you with access to clinically proven exercises to improve strength and flexibility depending on your specific need identified during your assessment. Rehab may form part of your treatment plan for plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, or other soft tissue stress injury, it might be used to proactively slow down the progression of a bunion deformation or hammer toes or simply to improve stability and mobility. You will be able to access your program via your smartphone, iPad and laptop. During this session, the correct technique will be demonstrated and you will be allocated any equipment required to carry out the exercises. The podiatrist will generally see you again after two weeks depending on the type of program they have allocated you.

Soft Tissue Rehab Session 2 (45 minutes £45) - Rehab 2 is all about making sure your technique is solid and correcting any poor technique that you may have acquired over the previous two weeks. When we have a weak muscle group the body will compensate by using a stronger one to make the same movement. To rehabilitate the weak muscle group it's crucial we use the correct technique. Your program is then set for 8 weeks in conjunction with any pain management protocols previously issued. These might include specific taping techniques to help support your soft tissues while they heal.

Additional Soft Tissue Rehab Session (45 minutes £45) - How quickly you are healing will depend on how your rehab sessions progress and whether or not additional treatment types are incorporated into your treatment plan to help you heal.

Duopody Reflexology (30 minutes £30) - Duopody is a level 5 reflexology technique designed to elicit a more intense and powerful therapeutic effect by working the feet simultaneously and symmetrically, accessing various pressure points on the feet. Great for the ultimate relaxation experience.

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