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Hearing Tests


Your hearing, matters.

A full diagnostic screen including comprehensive hearing test, tymp testing and speech discrimination testing.

Our Clinical Audiologist has over 20 years experience both within the NHS and privately. Using a modern approach, this 90 minute assessment is the most thorough hearing assessment you could find locally.

So if your hearing isn't quite feeling as good as it could be, you've noticed a decline, you're turning your TV up or you're struggling to hear if there is any background noise, then this check will get to the bottom of it.

The session will cover a detailed history, a visual ear check, standard pitch button-push hearing test, bone conduction testing, ear drum/ middle ear testing and speech discrimination testing.

This in depth test is able to see realistic functional hearing ability, not just ability to hear certain frequencies. Sam can prescribe, issue and fit hearing aids. She is also able to assist with Ear, Nose & Throat Referrals if needed.


How much does a full diagnostic screen cost?

A full screen/ hearing test costs £75. We do extensive testing, not just a frequency test.

How long does the testing take?

The testing takes between 1-1.5 Hours to complete.

How much do hearing aids cost?

This depends on the style, manufacturer and whether rechargeable option. Premium hearing aids are an investment and should last 3-5 years if properly looked after. The prices range from £2500-£4000 for a pair of premium hearing aids, including a 3-5 year warranty (depending on manufacturer), and free aftercare service. Monaural, CROS/BICROS and Combination aids (for hearing loss plus intrusive tinnitus) are also available. Prices on application.

What does a hearing screen involve?

A hearing screen begins with a  questionnaire and consultation, you will then go on to have pitch/frequency testing including air and bone conduction, tympanic membrane pressure testing to check the middle ear and ear drum health, Masking, and speech discrimination testing (this is a more functional hearing test, playing background noise and sentences to you to establish if there is also a speech discrimination loss issue, for example hearing an 'S' instead of an 'F' or finding it harder to hear in busy environments if there is background noise. Your audiologist with then show you your results and explain the outcome and their recommendation. If you require an onward referral this will then be sent to you for an additional fee after the audiologist has written up your report.

Can you help with NHS Hearing aids?

Unfortunately NHS hearing aids are NHS property, and therefore we are unable to replace parts or tune these.

Do you sell hearing aid accessories?

If you require extra parts for your hearing aids, you can discuss this with the audiologist directly.

Do you offer battery or rechargeable hearing aids?

We offer both. Rechargeable hearing aids are often preferred as these can be charged up overnight and don't require changing of small batteries.

Can you refer me onto Ear, Nose & Throat?

We have two options for this. Once you have your report, we can either send this directly to your GP for them to refer you on the NHS pathway. If you wish to continue privately, we can refer you onto the consultants at the Nuffield.

What experience does your audiologist have?

Our Practitioner is a registered Clinical Audiologist (RCCP) and Hearing Aid Dispenser (HCPC) They hold a Masters Degree in Rehabilitative Audiology from the University of Bristol. The specialist modules included tinnitus, adult rehabilitation and Audiology for those with complex needs.  Having over 20 years experience working within the NHS as an audiologist, manager and Locum, She then opened up her own private practice. Appointments run every Monday from 2pm.

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