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Machine cosmetology


Customized For Your Needs

Imagine never having to shave again? Ditch the razor and think laser. This treatment leaves you with silky smooth skin, eradicating dark shadows, hair follicles and ingrown hairs, leaving you with no shaving rashes, redness or bumps.

We use only the best Diode Machines to ensure the most effective hair removal. It is relatively pain free.

We recommend sessions every 3 weeks to target regrowth until hair free. On average it takes between 6-8 sessions to be completely hair free, but most people notice a significant reduction after just 1 or 2 sessions.

A patch test is needed at least 48 hours prior to your session. We ask you to shave the night before and to stop any hair removal creams in the lead up to the session, we want the hair follicles to be present so we can laser them.

We recommend adding on light therapy directly after to enhance your results. Package deals available. Buy 6 get 8 free, or pay as you go. Prices for each area vary so check the price list or get in touch for individual costs. A yearly maintenance session would be advisable.

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