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Therapy session


You can't paint over rust.

And neither can you sugar-coat the effects of trauma.

Symptoms from unresolved trauma can include anxiety, low self-esteem, crippling panic attacks, relationship difficulties, flashbacks, nightmares, hypervigilance, and addictive behaviours.

And whilst it was once thought that strong emotional responses to terrible events are permanently wired into us advances in neuroscience clearly shows that this is not the case. Research reveals that an innate brain mechanism when triggered under certain conditions, actually dissolves without trace these devastating symptoms.

Phil is a trauma relief coach. He has over 20 years successful experience of working with psychological, emotional, physical, and sexual trauma. His practice is informed by the discoveries in neuroscience, meaning that clients experience genuine transformative change. His sessions are gentle, kind, and can even be enjoyable. The techniques are contact-free, and largely content free without the need for for clients to recount in detail their traumatic experiences.

With a free and informal telephone consultation, and (unusually for coaching/therapy), a full guarantee for paid sessions, you can claim back a full life without the effects of trauma. And after your (typically 6 sessions, but can be less) coaching schedule, there are no complicated maintenance routines to keep to - leaving to move forwards with complete freedom.

Session investment is £60 for 50 mins

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