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Facial Treatment



Your next level skincare facial. We use a brand new surgical scalpel to scrape away the dead skin cells, and at the same time, removing the peach fuzz. Giving you a clear, healthy glow!

Benefits of Dermaplaning: regulates skin cycle, helps to remove blackheads, complete skin refresh, flawless base for makeup application, skin appears glowy and clearer complexion. This is suitable for all skin types except for acne sufferers - the best treatment for acne is our chemical peel treatments. 

Dermaplane Basic £35

Double cleanse, dermaplane, tone & moisturise 

Dermaplane Glow £45

Double cleanse, enzyme peel, dermaplane, tone & moisturise 

Dermaplane Deluxe £55

Double cleanse, enzyme peel, dermaplane, rejuvenation mask, tone & moisturise 

Chemical Peel £50 a session 

Course of 6 Peels £250

Dermaplane & Peel £65 

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